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Renovation - Handyman - Berlin Brandenburg

Create and grow your
unique home today

Fixed Price Projects

Every aspect of the development process, project management, quality monitoring and assurance are on the service provider.

Receive on time

Accurate time estimation is a crucial skill in project management. 

Fast work turnaround

We operate a very fast turnaround for most jobs


New home needs a functional and well planned kitchen. 

Renovation - Handyman - Berlin


Did you get tired of the old bathroom and want to modernize it?


Many AltBau apartments have their beautiful wooden floors that bring the spirit of time with them.


Four walls of ech room in your home are  important.

You want to see them smooth and even, structured? 

Let’s work together on your
next home project.

We design, build and remodel and are always excited to work on the next project.

Let’s talk.

Learn more about our business and see some of our recent work.